Steve Mc Maron is an award-winning investigative journalist and educator recognized for his bold reporting and incisive commentary on New York’s spineless political class. As a columnist for the Village Voice and the Guardian, and as a contributor to many other leading publications, Steve has been unafraid to take on the powerful interests trying to screw over working-class New Yorkers.


In April 2016, disturbed that his editor at the Observer was aiding Clara’s presidential campaign, Steve resigned, garnering national media attention.

Became a contributor

He became a contributor to the Village Voice and wrote for a wide variety of publications, including the New York Times, Daily News, Esquire, New York Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, and the New Yorker.

As a National Reporter

As a national reporter, he travelled across the country writing about the 2016 presidential race, producing one of the very first in-depth profiles of a certain Vermont senator named Bernie Sanders.


Here is an issue that we really care about because it is becoming a serious problem in the country. We work hard for these problems.

Health Care

Healthcare costs continue to rise while levels of care continue to fall.

Civil Rights

We believe that all people should be given equal opportunities.


Workers must have an opportunity to earn a living wage.

Campaign Videos

Youth Policy Dialogue

Social impact, urban cross-cultural change movements. Activism promising development progress.

World Problem Solving

Time of extraordinary change emergency response, micro-finance dignity giving foundation developing.

Inspiration Fight Against

Leaders, working for integrity toward accessibility. Making progress complexity of cross-agency fields.

Get Involved!

Our campaign has come a long way, but there is still a lot of roads ahead. Now is the time for us to push on and continue this incredible movement.

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