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Vast Community College’s mission statement helps direct and inform the college’s planning efforts and resource allocation processes. The college’s strategic plan is implemented through broad-based constituency groups known as Strategic Planning Councils. The strategic plan assists the college in achieving its vision.

Operational-level planning is completed through the college’s Plan framework. The plans tie together program profiles, assessments, and goals. Both strategic and operational-level planning are aligned with the college’s core themes, objectives, and strategic goals – all of which are mapped to the college’s mission statement and definition of mission fulfillment.

Our Team

All of the students, teachers and intructor at Vast Vast Edu are part of the one family. What makes the Vast Edu so special is the uncompromising dedication to the artisanal aspect of hosting.

This makes the education place a perfect workplace for anyone who wants to develop day by day and to make an active contribution to the experience for the guest with fresh ideas.

Carla Hicks
Experience Designer
He is man behind the idea of experiences in Vast Edu.
Glenn Ramirez
Head of Vast Edu
Glenn is Head of Vast Edu. He has over 9 years teaching in 100 best university in the world.
Lynne Jennings
Communication Teacher
Live. Love. Communicate. Our Specialize on Communication Class
Harvey Castillo
NLP Teacher
Harvey is expert at make people more confident. She has certificate of NLP First Class.
Joseph Alvarez
Psychologist Expert
Alvarez help our student make plan for their life. She has help over 1500+ has better life.
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Classes are filling up quickly. Fall quarter begins Sept. 17.