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Joe & Jean
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Our Story

If we had to tell you one thing about us… it would be that we’re so thankful. Thankful that God brought us together. We’re so excited to be getting married and most of all excited to share our lives with one another. Great things really started happening in our lives when backgrounds and talents brought us together to work on the same team at AOL. Joe was a product director, leading a team on AIM, while Ashley was a designer. One day we were assigned to take the train up to NYC to work a booth for internet week.

We continued to work on the same team for a handful of months, during which time we became close friends. It was inevitable; we couldn’t stay friends for very long — we started dating at the beginning of 2011 and have been having a blast together ever since! Together, we bring out each others’ best parts and inspire each other creatively, spiritually, and intellectually. We are truly blessed. We look forward to creating a lifetime of memories together, especially with you — our family and friends!


Check out some beautiful photos of Joe & Jean just moments after their romantic engagement.

See you at the wedding!

We can’t wait to see all of our beloved friends and relatives at the wedding. If, by chance, you are prevented from coming, please let us know in advance.