Civil Rights

Brokranta has long been a welcoming and inclusive community for all and has always made protecting its residents from discrimination a top priority. I believe that all people should be given equal opportunities in our Commonwealth regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious identity. At a time when many people’s rights are under attack by our federal government, we need to band together, stand up against hate, and protect our neighbors.


Statewide education funding has steadily declined for nearly two decades, forcing communities to cut school programs or further shift funds from local priorities. As a former public school teacher and parent, I am committed to fully funding our public schools (as recommended by the Foundation Budget Review Commission), because I understand that access to quality, free, publicly-funded education allows all of our children to reach their full potential.


This, in large part, has created the condition where our courts, jails and correctional facilities have become the de-facto treatment providers for many of our most vulnerable and sickest residents at a huge cost that serves neither them nor the Commonwealth. We need to do a better job of providing greater resources for mental health care, and divert those individuals who interact with law enforcement away from the criminal justice system and into appropriate treatment.

Labor and Workforce Development

Workers must have an opportunity to earn a living wage in order to care for themselves and their families. More and more of our jobs are service jobs that do not pay enough for people to put food on the table and pay rent. We continue to see strong growth at the top of the economic spectrum and stagnation and wage loss at the lower end. We must do everything we can at the state-level to provide access to affordable, quality training and educational opportunities for our under-employed.

Health Care

Healthcare costs continue to rise while levels of care continue to fall, especially for those who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorder. Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare that offers a flexible choice of providers and eliminates excessive administrative fees like premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Attempts to control healthcare costs within the present private insurance system have failed, and costs have steadily consumed more state.

Get Involved!

Our campaign has come a long way, but there is still a lot of roads ahead. Now is the time for us to push on and continue this incredible movement.