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Vast Lawyer is a New York City Criminal Law firm that began as the private practice of Attorney Arkady Bukh. Attorney Bukh founded the firm to protect the rights and interests of the immigrant and minority communities of New York. It has continued to grow in size and reputation and is now considered one of the best criminal law firms in all of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. We are proud to say that no matter how large the firm grows to be, everyone at Bukh Law Firm remains committed to the same principles of inclusion, cultural diversity, and equal justice that Arkady Bukh established over a decade ago.

If you have any criminal law issue, from immigration to drug distribution to insider trading, we promise to treat you with the same respect and courtesy we would show to members of our own family. There are no judgments at Bukh Law Firm. We understand what it is like to be accused of a crime, whether you’ve committed it or not. It can be a frightening, soul-searing experience, and it is our job to get our clients through that experience by helping them navigate the criminal justice system. We don’t just want keep our clients out of jail, we want to see them turn their lives around and succeed.


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Our Partners

We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your business.

It’s not just our in-depth expertise and our understanding of financial markets that allow us to tailor our consulting and application services to the needs of the financial services sector. Our partnerships with key specialists also enable us to identity important trends and emerging technologies .

Our Team

Bruce Brock
Lead Attorney
Bruce Brock doesn’t just lead our practice; he continues to represent clients a variety of criminal, civil, and family proceedings.
Aaron Gross
Attorney Aaron has been working with Vast Legal Firm since 2006. A New York transplant originally from the Southwestern part of the country
John Stevens
Attorney Stevens is admitted to the Nevada State Bar, the New York State Bar, and the Federal Bar for the Southern District of New York

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