Cow's Milk

Our dairy cows are raised naturally across lush meadows, producing the purest milk that New Zealand has to offer. They have free range access to fresh pasture and are grass fed every day of the year. Our milk is GMO free, contains no antibiotics and no added growth hormones.

Deer Milk

Vast deer milk is sourced from the lush countryside of the South Island, where our deer are free to roam and enjoy a natural grass fed diet year around. Our deer milk is unique with a perfectly smooth texture that is astonishingly light, yet full of flavour. It not only offers exquisite flavours, but is a sophisticated ingredient with endless possibilities from desserts to yoghurts.


Vast venison is always popular on a menu. It’s easy to work with, is available fresh year round and comes with our guarantee of quality and provenance. Every cut is consistent in specification and flavour. Our venison is buttery with a gentle richness, with less fat and more antioxidant vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids than comparable cuts. And because it’s the finest quality lean meat, it delivers fantastic yield with little or no waste.


Our naturally raised beef can be found on tables around the world. We offer premium, hand-selected grass fed prime steer, which is produced from predominantly Angus and Simmental sired cattle. Certified GMO and hormone free, our grass fed beef is a leaner choice and provides the health benefits of good essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids.


With more than 130 years of experience, we know how the unique combination of farming practices, diet, rainfall and sunshine creates the finest tasting lamb. Pāmu Nature’s Finest lambs thrive on a 100% grass diet, and they grow quickly, producing a tender, sweet, and buttery flavoured lamb with a mild aroma. And with farms across New Zealand, we can supply what is usually a seasonal delicacy, all year round.

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