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Our fortified products give a naturally nutritious boost to your diet and are packed with natural goodness derived from nature.

Cow's Milk

Our milk is GMO-free, contains no antibiotics.


Our venison is buttery with a gentle richness.


Vast Nature’s Finest lambs thrive on a 100% grass diet.

Our Promise

As creators of the finest natural food since 1886, we are transforming the way food is produced, naturally, with passion, curiosity and innovative fresh thinking.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to nurturing our animals and leading industry with exceptional animal care.


We take our role as guardians of the land seriously, and are leading the way in protecting.

Resilient Farming

We continue to look at modifications to our farm systems that best work with each farm’s.

Farming Innovation

Vast Farming’s heritage is rich and we recognise that years of farming has got us where we are today.

Organic Farms

Our approach to organic farming is setting the standard for premium natural foods that are healthier.

Health And Safety

Our strong health values and practices are shared with other businesses through our safety leadership.

Why Work With Us

Our farms are in the lush green lowlands and wide-open high country of New Zealand, stretching from the Far North to the deep south.

Safe Place to Farm
Nothing is important than making sure everyone on our team gets home safely.
Tailored Training
We provide both on-the-job and formal training for new team members.
Career Pathways
It’s important everyone in our organisation has the opportunity to learn and advance.
With more than 100 farms across the country, our people can develop their farming career.
Top Equipment
Our team members work with some of the most up-to-date equipment.
Home on the Farm
Home is important, so we have a range of good quality. Then our place is comfortable.

About VAST Farming

Our Vision

To become the premium supplier of meat, milk and fibre for niche markets globally.

Our Values

We farm with sheer determination. In all weather. All seasons.

We farm with deep insight. We know our customers, our people and our land.

Our farmers

Our farmers take heartfelt pride in their jobs by caring for the land in traditional ways, truly caring for their animals, staying close to nature and respecting their role as guardian’s for generations yet to come. Our farmers are the pick of the crop and they take pride in delivering the finest natural products to customers all over the world.

Bryan Lorenz
Farm Manager
Bryan has over 50 years experience in farming industries.
Dave Vaughan
Lead Farmer
As a Lead Farmer, Dave leading our farmer community.
Thomas Dalley
Farm Business Manager
Thomas helps us building a business plan on farm product.
Marion Manning
Farm Manager
Marion is our Farm Manager. He contributes to making us bigger.

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