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Body Flawless

Body Flawless is a unique workout created by Vast Fitness clubs. Newbody is a low-impact cardiovascular and muscle defining workout. It is designed to be simple to follow, highly aerobic in nature with emphasis on getting real results fast! The workout is ideal for all fitness levels, options to use light hand held weights for extra challenge. Interested in improving posture, overall body strength, and burning unwanted calories? Try Body Flawless.

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Now that I’m on Class Reguler, I exercise about 75% more than I did, and I’m feeling happier and healthier than ever before.
Jeptha Ji-Yeong
Korean Family
After paying gym fees for years and never getting my moneyʼs worth, I am so happy I can fit in the workouts I want.
Septarine Msolev
Without Vast Fitness, I’d never be able to afford Pilates reformer classes and yoga studios. Vast Fitness makes it all possible.
Phillip Coulson
Footbal Player

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