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Toddler Care

A Kids World’s integrated curriculum continues to build on skills developed during infancy. Toddlers will be an environment that invites interaction with play spaces. Our high-quality teachers provide daily meaningful experiences to support and increase the fast pace at which toddlers grow and develop. They experience literacy through circle time, books, puppet play, music, singing, games, and many conversations and interactions with peers and adults. Included in the daily schedule is potty training and advanced potty training. Once our toddlers are potty trained they are invited to join our advanced three-year classroom.

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What Our Happy Parents Say

Vast BabyDay Care teachers are very wonderful and very welcoming. They are also helpful if your child is clingy and upset
Brenda Javanolle
The team at Vast BabyDay Care have been amazing. A big thank you to the team for all the amazing work you do with our children and for all that you do for all the parents as well.
Septarine Msolev
Mom Of 2 Girls
Since our son enrolled in the centre he has improved greatly in communication and interacting well with others. Now he quickly and easily takes instructions which are so amazing and as parents, we are so grateful.
Cloe Djanurov
Mom Of A Girl & Boy

Why We Are The Best Place To Learn

     Certified and Experienced Teachers
     Before & After School Care
     Certified Curriculum
     Safe & Secure Environment

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For the needs of special plans can contact
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